Message from the Director

Gina_Chowa_hrThe GSDI team has traveled to South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Thailand, Philippines, Washington, D.C., and New York to meet with partners, pursue fresh endeavors, and present research findings. We have formed new relationships and strengthened old ones across the globe.

In 2017, we celebrated the center’s official launch and the GSDI Inaugural Symposium, which laid a strong, inspiring, and challenging foundation for our joint work in the coming years. From the Symposium, we synthesized three overarching foci that guided GSDI’s work in 2018: 1) Integrated partnerships to address social development; 2) Using digital platforms to reach populations that are hard-to-reach, isolated, or located in remote areas; and 3) Preparing the next generation for work in a changing workforce landscape.

At GSDI, we are already embarking on partnerships and projects to accomplish the Symposium’s roadmap. We are grateful to have received support, partnership, and guidance from some of the top development agencies and research institutions around the world. We continue to partner with governments, interdisciplinary teams, and practitioners across the globe. We are exploring current and emerging digital solutions to reach more people, especially those in isolated and remote locations. We are convening consortia of diverse and global stakeholders that share a common interest in finding solutions for youth employment.

We are grateful not only for the success of the GSDI Inaugural Symposium but also for the Symposium’s inspiration and challenge to further advance social development knowledge and practice as we prepare for the next symposium, planned for 2019.

Please click the 2017 Inaugural Symposium Report to read the details of what we uncovered as we collaborated in 2017.

Gina Chowa, PhD, MSW
Director, Global Social Development Innovations