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The Data Hub housed at Global Social Development Innovations (GSDI) serves as a nexus point for sharing, preserving, and analyzing research data from GSDI and collaborating sites to lay the foundation for serving a broader constituent of researchers and practitioners who are focused on developing solutions for social development issues globally.

GSDI Data Portal

A Collection of Datasets Available to Support and Enhance the Work of the Research Community



Siyakha Youth Assets is an ongoing longitudinal study that was designed to examine the effects of youth employability and financial capability programs in South Africa. Siyakha is supported by the Ford Foundation, the National Youth Development Agency of South Africa, and the Jobs Fund of the National Treasury of South Africa.

YouthSave was a 5-year research project that investigated the potential of savings accounts as a tool for youth development and financial inclusion in low and middle-income countries. Ghana was selected as the site for YouthSave’s experimental study and impact assessment. The project was supported by the MasterCard Foundation.

AssetsAfrica was a demonstration and research initiative designed to test asset building innovations in Africa. The goal was to help build a knowledge base to inform future programs and policies to promote savings and accumulation of productive assets in sub-Saharan Africa.

Chuma na Uchizi was a pilot study to test an integrated HIV and asset-development intervention for people living with HIV in Zambia. Chuma na Uchizi was designed to examine the effects of an asset-based intervention on health and economic welfare of people living with HIV who are receiving antiretroviral therapy.