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David Ansong, PhD, MSW

Core Faculty

David Ansong is an Associate Professor at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Social Work. He is a faculty fellow of the Global Social Development Innovations and serves as a faculty director with the Global Asset Building program at the Center for Social Development at Washington University in St. Louis.

Ansong’s research interests include identifying interventions to address economic and educational disparities among low-income youth and families in resource-limited countries. Ansong has been involved with intervention research on asset development for low-income households and young people including the YouthSave Ghana Experiment, which examined the viability and impacts of youth savings accounts for low-income youth in Ghana. He examined the psychological and educational impacts of education funding mechanisms such as matched savings accounts and scholarships, for low-income rural youth.

Ansong has published his work in a variety of peer-reviewed journals including Children and Youth Services Review, Journal of Social Work Education, Economics of Education Review, Journal of Experimental Education, and Applied Geography. Ansong teaches “Evidence-based Practice and Program Evaluation,” “Social Statistics and Data Analysis,” and “Advanced Policy Practice” at the University of North Carolina’s School of Social Work.