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In October 2017, GSDI hosted a 3-day launch and symposium, which gathered researchers and practitioners from across the globe to discuss the next frontier of impactful research and innovations from the field perspective.

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Welcome Remarks by Dean Gary Bowen

Remarks by Chancellor Carol Folt

Remarks by Gina Chowa: The GSDI Global Vision

Remarks by Michael Sherraden
The Inaugural Michael Sherraden Lecture Download Slides

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Welcome Remarks by Dr. Sheryl Zimmerman

Keynote Address by Dr. Ashu Handa

Panel One: Holistic Interventions Towards the Economic Security of Marginalized & Vulnerable Populations Download Slides

  • Dr. Isaac Osei-Akoto (University of Ghana): Public provision of non-farm employment for the rural poor and impact on health outcomes in Ghana: The role of social protection
  • Dr. Audrey Pettifor (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): Empowerment and financial inclusion
  • Dr. Sheri Weiser (University of California, San Francisco): The impact of food security on family health and economic security for young South African women

Panel Two: Economic Security and Youth Development Download Slides

  • Dr. William Elliott III (University of Michigan): The robot worker: Implications for children’s savings, higher education, and social mobility
  • Dr. Lauren Graham (University of Johannesburg): A youth development approach to evaluating youth workforce development programmes
  • Dr. Christy Olenik (Making Cents International, Washington, D.C.): The evolution of positive youth development as a key international development approach

Panel Three: Financial Inclusion and Economic Security Download Slides

  • Dr. Billy Jack (Georgetown University): Digital platforms towards financial inclusion for all: Reality or hype?
  • Ms. Misha Sharma (IFMR LEAD): Demonetization and implications for digital financial services in India
  • Dr. Dorothe Singer (World Bank, Washington, D.C.): Measuring financial resilience around the world

Panel Four: Scaling Social Development Innovations for Greater Impact Download Slides

  • Ms. Gigi Gatti (Grameen Foundation, Philippines): Farmerlink: Building resilience among smallholder farmers
  • Mr. Sameer Raina (Digital Divide Data): Connecting youth to digital work

The Next Frontier by Dennis Haraszko

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Plenary: How Research Informs Practice and Practice Informs Research

Panel One: Assessing the Impacts of Cross-Sectoral Interventions in Research Download Slides

  • Dr. Rebecca Macy (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Social Work): School-based programming to address domestic minor sex trafficking
  • Dr. Rainier Masa (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Social Work): Material hardship, perceived stress, and medication adherence among treatment-experienced people living with HIV in rural Zambia
  • Dr. Latoya Small (University of California, Los Angeles): Caregiver and child perceptions of HIV medication adherence in South Africa

Panel Two: Policy Stakeholder Engagement and Outcomes Download Slides

  • Ms. Monica Mutesa (PATH International, Zambia): Partnering with government on reproductive health policy in Zambia: A case study
  • Dr. Ndangwa Noyoo (University of Cape Town): Engaging the private sector in social policy in Southern Africa: Perspectives from Zambia and South Africa
  • Dr. Lisa Zerden (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Social Work): Integrated approaches in healthcare and policy

Panel Three: Design and Implementation of Social Innovations: From Evidence to Practice Download Slides

  • Dr. Suresh Pathare (Centre for Studies in Rural Development, India): Adolescent boys and girls programming in rural India
  • Ms. Maggie West (Community Empowerment Fund, Chapel Hill, North Carolina): Rent reporting towards financial inclusion in the United States
  • Mr. Mathias Zimba (Rising Fountains Development Program, Zambia): Women’s savings and credit groups in rural Zambia

Panel Four: Partnership to Implement Research, Policy, and Practice: The Kenya Model Download Slides