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Systematic Review of Evidence on Financial Inclusion of Young Women in Low- and Middle-Income Countries


  • Objective: To assess and collate existing evidence on financial inclusion impacts on young women.
  • Initiative/Approach: Systematic review
  • Findings: The findings are expected to inform financial inclusion programming, practice, and research.
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CGAP housed at the World Bank


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GSDI is conducting a systematic review to assess the evidence of the impact of financial inclusion on young women aged 15 – 24 in Low- and Middle-income countries. CGAP at World Bank commissioned this systematic review to understand the existing knowledge to guide future programming for young women’s optimal social, economic, and health outcomes. The main objective of the systematic review is to assess and collate existing evidence on financial inclusion impacts, analyze the strength of the methods, synthesize findings, make recommendations, and report implications for programming and practice, and future research.