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Johnson, L. | Lee, Y. | Sherraden, M. | Chowa, G. | Ansong, D. | Ssewamala, F. | Sherraden, M | Zou, L. | Njenga, M. | Kieyah, J. | Osei-Akoto, I. | Sharma, S. | Manandhar, J. | Rodriguez, C. | Merchán, F. | Saavedra, J.
2013 | Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, Nepal

Savings patterns and performance in Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, and Nepal

Financial Inclusion

This report presents first-year findings from a multiyear study on account uptake and saving patterns and performance in youth savings accounts in four countries: Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, and Nepal. This savings demand assessment (SDA) is ambitious in its attempt to include systematic data on as many youth savers as are possible to collect from the field. The result of this effort is a very large dataset that enables researchers to report in detail who is saving in YouthSave and what factors are associated with their saving patterns and performance.




Johnson, L., Lee, Y.S., Sherraden, M., Chowa, G., Ansong, D., Ssewamala, F., … Saavedra, J. (2013, October). Savings patterns and performance in Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, and Nepal. (YouthSave Research Report No. 13-18). St. Louis, MO: Washington University, Center for Social Development.