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YouthSave Ghana

YouthSave was a 5-year research project that investigated the potential of savings accounts as a tool for youth development and financial inclusion in low and middle-income countries The Ghana YouthSave Experiment included a randomly selected sample of junior high school students in 100 schools from 42 districts located in 8 of Ghana’s 10 administrative regions. Data and questionnaires are available publicly for the baseline (2011) and follow-up (2014) surveys.

For more detailed information about the study, see the Ghana YouthSave site on our Initiatives page .

Public Data collected at the individual and school levels are available to download. These Public Data include the 2011 baseline and 2014 follow-up surveys. To download the data, go to the Ghana YouthSave Dataverse by clicking Public Data.

Codebooks are available to download. To download the codebooks, go to the Ghana YouthSave Dataverse by clicking Codebooks.

Please see the Ghana YouthSave Dataverse by clicking Download Data.